8 Best Hybrid Bikes Tires Reviews 2020

Any cyclist would know how important hybrid bike tires are for a hybrid bicycle. The advent of hybrid bikes has revolutionized the biking industry by bringing versatility, comfort, ease of use and affordability, all in a single category of bikes. However, if you wish to make the most out of your cycling experience and enjoy a fast and comfortable ride, your hybrid bicycle must be equipped with the best hybrid bike tires. Lucky for you, hybrid bike tires come in a broad range of varieties and very affordable prices so that you have the option to replace the existing tires on your bike with the perfect pair that suits your cycling requirements. Read the entire guide to understand how to pick the perfect hybrid bike tires for your hybrid bike.

Benefits of Hybrid Bike Tires over Usual Bike Tires?

Hybrid bike tires are not the same as the other bike tires. Their biggest benefit lies in the fact that they can be used for different types of purposes at the same time, which is exactly what a hybrid bike is supposed to do. This makes hybrid bike tires much more versatile as compared to a standard bike tire. Where a standard bike tires is usually suited for a single type of riding, a hybrid bike tire is good enough for flat roads, rocky terrains and even inclined slopes.

As compared to the tires on a road bike, you will find hybrid bike tires to be wider and better suited for off-road riding. The bigger surface area of these tires allow better traction on the road and a smoother and more comfortable ride. They should all, however, be able to fit a standard 26” or 700c wheel since that’s usually the size of the wheels on a hybrid bike.

Best Hybrid Bike Tires Reviews

#1. Schwinn Bicycle Tire

Schwinn Bicycle TireSchwinn is known for its reliable and high-performance bikes and their parts. This hybrid bike tire by Schwinn completely lives up to the name of the company and comes with a Kevlar tread and is suitable for biking paths or rough terrains. The Kevlar tread is durable and puncture resistant. At the same time, it uses a folding wire bead which is also durable and won’t show signs of wear even after months of regular usage. Measuring 26 inches in diameter and 1.95 inches in width, these hybrid bike tires are suitable for providing good traction and a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

#2. Serfas Drifter Tire with FPS

Serfas Drifter Tire with FPSAlthough this is primarily a hybrid bike tire, you may also use it if you have a mountain bike since it offers such a high degree of traction and puncture resistance. The tire is designed with 69-durometer compound and features an inverted tread pattern for reducing the rolling resistance and delivering faster performance on smooth roads. The dual density tread design and the integrated Ballistic Nylon layer for puncture resistance also ensures a reliable performance on muddy pathways or uneven surfaces. Another good thing is that the tire is available in different sizes so you may choose the width and thickness that’s most suitable for your riding requirements.

#3. Schwinn Hybrid Bike Tire With Kevlar

Schwinn Hybrid Bike Tire With KevlarThis hybrid bike tire is one of the more affordable products of Schwinn and among the best selling hybrid bike tires which you will find on Amazon. The tire measures 28 inches in diameter which makes it one of the largest hybrid bike tires available in the market. The larger size of the tires allows a smoother, faster and comfortable ride on most types of terrains while the width of 1.5 inches width offers good traction on the road. Furthermore, the tread pattern also helps deliver a good grip on the road without compromising on the speed of the bike. The tire is best known for its strong Kevlar bead construction which is among the most durable ones which you will find for purchase.

#4. Continental Ride II Reflex Tire

Continental Ride II Reflex TireAlthough a little pricier than the rest of the choices, these hybrid bike tires by Continental are worth the investment. Measuring 26 inches in diameter and 1.75 inches in width, these hybrid bike tires offer a bigger surface area on the road for a faster ride and low rolling resistance. The same tire is also available in a larger diameter of 27 inches if your journeys include a lot of rough tracks. The tire also comes with a puncture protection insert which prevents you from encountering any issues during your journey.

5. Kenda K838 Hybrid Bike Tire

Kenda K838 Hybrid Bike TireKenda tires are well known for their versatility and performance and these hybrid bike tires by the same company are the best selling models on Amazon. Available in a variety of color options, they measure 26 inches in diameter and 1.95 inches in width. The wire beads are incredibly durable while the unique tread features a lower resistance to allow a faster ride on smooth surfaces. Despite the lower resistance offered by the tires, the gripping capabilities are not compromised in the least since they use water dispersal grooves for maximum performance. Overall, these hybrid bike tires are ideal for daily city commuting also a bit of an off-road experience for the weekends.

6. Wanda Beach Cruiser Tires

Wanda Beach Cruiser TiresThese are another popular choice of cyclists who ride hybrid bikes since they come with thicker sidewalls especially suited for rough pathways. Measuring 2.125 inches in width, these hybrid bike tires are thicker than most other hybrid bike tires and offer a more comfortable and smooth ride even when the surface is rough or wet. Despite the extra width, the tires are purposefully maintained lightweight so that they do not add any significant amount to the hybrid bike’s overall weight. Besides the higher width, the unique tread on the exterior offers better traction and the 26” width offers reliable performance for months without giving you any trouble.

7. Diamondback Hybrid Comfort Tire

Diamondback Hybrid Comfort TireDiamondback is another brand known for quality and reliability of bike components that it develops and this hybrid bike tire from the same company will live up to your high expectations. It is designed for a greater degree of traction together with higher speeds on smooth as well as rough surfaces. Although this hybrid bike tire is primarily designed with a low-profile tread for faster and comfortable riding experience on smooth, urban roads, it does a good job when riding on rough terrains as well. The tire comes with a long lasting wire bead and measures 26 inches in diameter. The thickness is 1.95 inch which is ideal for reliable performance on most types of surfaces including wet ones.

8. Kenda K50 BMX Bicycle Tire

Kenda K50 BMX Bicycle TireHere is another hybrid bike tire produced by Kenda which holds a solid reputation among most biking experts. It can fairly be included in the cyclocross category of hybrid bike tires because it does such an excellent job at providing reliable performance on both smooth and rough terrains. This hybrid bike tire is 20 inches in width and 1.75 inches in thickness which is quite suitable for smooth and slippery conditions of the road. The tread is thick to offer good traction and durable so that it easily lasts you for months before showing any signs of wear and tear.

Different Types of Hybrid Bike Tires

Even though hybrid bike tires are versatile enough to accommodate all kinds of riding experiences, some are better suited for the road while others are better suited for off-road riding. Some, on the other hand, will work perfectly on all kinds of surfaces. Think about how you’ll be using your hybrid bike and where you will be riding it, before picking the right category of hybrid bike tires for yourself.

Road Bike Tires

Road bike tires, also known as clinchers, are made with a steel wire. They also feature an inner tube which will rest the bead within the rubber. These hybrid bike tires are the perfect choice if you regularly commute for hours around the city on flat roads. These tires are better suited for achieving faster speeds on flat roads. On the downside, these tires will not perform too well on rough surfaces and may puncture quite easily if used on such surfaces.

Road bike tires are generally 23 inches wide although you will also find some 25” road bike tires which do a better job at dealing with rough surfaces.

Mountain Bike Tires

Mountain bike tires are designed mainly for off-road riding. These hybrid bike tires are wider and offer better grip and shock absorption as compared to the road bike tires. These tires also offer better puncture protection since they are thicker and built to handle obstacles that you may encounter on rocky paths. These hybrid bike tires usually range between 26” to 29” in width.

Cyclocross Bike Tires

A wide variety of hybrid bike tires are designed for performing equally well on all types of roads. These are called cyclocross bike tires. They can handle all types of surfaces from smooth roads and rough pathways to wet grounds. These tires are wide and come with thicker treads to perform well in muddy or wet conditions.

What to Consider when Choosing the Hybrid Bike Tire?

Besides the different kinds of hybrid bike tires to choose from, certain other features are there as well which will need to be looked into to make a perfect selection. Let’s look at all these features one by one.


Most hybrid bike tires are made of rubber. Some hybrid bike tires use a single kind of rubber in their making while others use a combination of different types. Some hybrid bike tires will use soft rubber while others use hard rubber. Softer hybrid bike tires offer better traction but will not last very long. Harder hybrid bike tires are preferred in terms of durability but do not offer the same level of traction as that offered by the softer tires. Compound hybrid bike tires such as those by the brand Kenda allow you to achieve the durability and traction from the tires, all at the same time.


Thinner hybrid bike tires are usually preferred if you want faster performance. The thickness of these hybrid bike tires, however, should not go below 1.2 inches or it will adversely affect the level of grip you get from them. Wider hybrid bike tires, on the other hand, are usually about 2 inches thick and offer better resistance and traction on surfaces.


The tread or the patterns on the surfaces of the hybrid bike tires can make a marked difference in its performance on smooth roads or rough terrains. The patterns with deeper depressions are more suited for providing grip for off-road riding while the treads which feature shallower grooves are more suited for providing speed on smooth roads.


The sidewall of the hybrid bike tire is the area between the base of the tire and the tread. Good quality sidewalls will offer better speed, puncture resistance and grip while not increasing the weight of the tires to a great extent.

How to Put on or Replace Bike Tires


So if you want your hybrid bike to keep performing up to mark, pay special attention to the condition of its tires. You should be replacing them every few months depending on how often you are using your hybrid bike. Now that you know all about hybrid bike tires and have read the hybrid bike reviews which we have collected for you, you can replace your old bike tires with the perfect hybrid bike tires any time you feel the need.

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