7 Best Hybrid Bikes Handlebars Reviews 2020

Although there are tons of different varieties of hybrid bikes which you may find in the market, one thing that is common in all is that they will all include hybrid bike handlebars. However, not every hybrid bike handlebar has to be identical. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit different riding styles. A hybrid bike handlebar which is comfortable to one rider may not be such a great choice for another rider. Keep reading to understand all there is to know about these hybrid bike handlebars so that you may select one for yourself that matches your riding style to the fullest.

Best Hybrid Bike Handlebar Reviews

#1. RXL SL Road Bike Handlebar

RXL SL Road Bike HandlebarThis is another excellent model in the category of drop handlebars for your hybrid bike. Built from carbon fiber, it is understandably more expensive than most other models but is light in weight and highly durable at the same time. The handlebar is available in 3 different sizes and weighs 210g which is considerably lower than the weight of most other drop handlebars. It features a 130mm drop which allows a comfortable riding position and a diameter of 31.8mm for a comfortable resting position for your palms. Besides the ergonomic design of the handlebar, the manufacturers have also intelligently included a layer of granule paint which serves to enhance the friction between the brakes and the handlebar which ensures a safer ride.

#2. Upanbike Mountain Bike Handlebar

Upanbike Mountain Bike HandlebarThis butterfly handlebar will work perfectly for your hybrid bike if you get uncomfortable holding the handlebar with a single hand position. It allows a bunch of positions for your hands and for your posture so that you ride comfortably at all times. Along with the handlebar, the package will also include 2 sponges with end plugs. The bar measures 25.4mm in diameter at the center and 22.2mm at the ends. The material is aluminum alloy 6061 so you can rest assured of its durability. Additionally, it is also lightweight so that it doesn’t make a big contribution to the bike weight.

#3. Origin8 Tiki Handlebar

Origin8 Tiki HandlebarOne of the cheapest hybrid bike handlebars in the category of mustache handlebars is this model. It is made up of lightweight but incredibly strong Aluminum 7075 and features the company logo etched on the center using laser technology. The hybrid bike handlebar is present in two color options, black and silver and both feature a width of 515 mm which is comfortable enough to rest your palms while you enjoy the ride. It also includes a rise of 60mm in the design which further makes the ride secure and comfortable. Overall, it is a great option to use on your hybrid bike and enhance its riding versatility.

#4. Kingsea MTB Mountain Bike Handlebars

Kingsea MTB Mountain Bike HandlebarsIf you are in search of a raised handlebar to attach to your hybrid bike and enhance its riding experience, here is a cheap yet worthwhile option for you. Built using aluminum alloy, this hybrid bike handlebar is lightweight yet sturdy and long lasting. Being simple in design, the handlebar is simple to use and ensures a comfortable ride throughout your journey. The handlebar features a length of 780mm which is sufficiently long to suit most riders and a diameter of 31mm to allow a comfortable position for your hands. The shiny black exterior with the company logo will, additionally, enhance the aesthetics of your hybrid bike.

5. Orion Flat Bar Bike Handlebars

Orion Flat Bar Bike HandlebarsThis is a flat bar for your hybrid bike fashioned from the finest quality aluminum which is designed for delivering fast speeds for city riding. Besides the regular city riding, this handlebar supports a variety of different riding conditions. At the same time, these handlebars are also compatible with a wide variety of hybrid bikes. It also has the company logo imprinted with a laser on the exterior. This hybrid bike handlebar comes at a very low price and measures 580 mm in width. It will support a comfortable upright riding position for the rider and weighs only 200g so that it barely adds any weight to the overall weight of your hybrid bike.

6. Crankbrothers Cobalt XC Handlebar

Crankbrothers Cobalt XC Handlebar

Crankbrothers is known for the reliability of the bike parts it manufactures and this raised handlebar developed by the same company is no less. Made with carbon fiber, this hybrid bike handlebar is incredibly lightweight, at only 155g, but does not compromise on the durability or strength even in the least. Another benefit that the carbon fiber offers is the vibration dampening effect which allows a smoother ride even on rough terrains. The manufacturer has purposefully also added a slight, 6 degrees, back-sweep to allow you to ride comfortably without putting a lot of strain on your shoulders. The handlebar is available in two lengths: 680mm and 780mm with 8mm and 15mm rise respectively.

7. Control Tech Road Handlebar

Control Tech Road HandlebarThis is a drop handlebar for your hybrid bike which offers an ergonomic design so that you can comfortably hold it without straining your wrists even on longer biking journeys. The upper tuber is oval in shape and offers a 25% more surface area to rest your palms as compared to most other models of hybrid bike handlebars. This feature also makes it a good choice for riders with larger hands. The upper tube, additionally, has a slight back-sweep of 6 degrees to allow even more comfort to the rider while he or she is holding the handlebar. The handlebar measures 380mm in length and features a 124mm drop.

Types of hybrid bike handlebars

Hybrid bike handlebars come in many different varieties to support different riding styles. Let’s take a look at the most common types of hybrid bike handlebars that are available in the market.

Flat handlebars

Also known as mountain handlebars, these varieties of hybrid bike handlebars are a simple horizontal bar and ideal for off-road terrains. These types of hybrid bike handlebars offer a strong control to the rider over the bike so that he or she may comfortably steer through rough terrains or take sharp turns. One of the prominent negative points of flat handlebars, however, is that it only supports a single hand position which may become a bit uncomfortable in case you are on a long journey. You may attach bar ends to the handlebar if you want to resolve this little issue with thee types of hybrid bike handlebars.

Raised handlebars

Also known as riser handlebars, these types of hybrid bike handlebars are quite similar to flat handlebars. The only difference is that they have a raised section towards the center. They allow a more upright position for the body and two hand positions instead of one, unlike that offered by the flat handlebars. You can either hold the hybrid bike handlebar close to the raised section or a bit further away from it. Just like the flat handlebars, you may find these varieties of hybrid bike handlebars also a bit uncomfortable for longer journeys.

Drop handlebars

Drop handlebars are a popular choice of hybrid bike enthusiasts since it looks great on the bike and offers excellent riding versatility. They usually have a straight midsection and curve downwards towards both of its ends. One of the best features of these varieties of hybrid bike handlebars is that they allow 4 different hand positions for the rider. You may hold it at the straight portion of the handlebar, at the point where it takes its first bend, at the point where it bends outwards or at the end that is pointing towards you.

Trekking handlebars

Also known as butterfly handlebars, these varieties of hybrid bike handlebars are best suited for trekking, as evident by the name. You will find this style of hybrid bike handlebars especially popular in European countries. These handlebars will offer 4 different hand positions, 3 of which support an upright posture of your body. You may use either of the other two hand positions if you want to bend forward for riding to gain speed or minimize air resistance. Trekking handlebars are a preferred option if you regularly take your hybrid bike out on longer journeys.

Mustache handlebars

Mustache handlebars are quite similar in shape to trekking handlebars. These varieties support 4 different hand positions for the rider out of which 3 will support an upright position for the body so that you can ride for longer journeys without straining your back.

Cow-horn handlebars

Also known as bullhorn handlebars, these varieties of hybrid bike handlebars give a unique look to your bike, one that is very different from what the other hybrid bike handlebars will offer. A Cow-horn handlebar is better suited for off-road riding and supports 3 different hand positions for the rider. They are also suitable for riding on pavements and gravel pathways where a drop handlebar may not do such a great job.

Considerations When Purchasing Hybrid Bike Handlebar

When selecting the perfect hybrid bike handlebars for your hybrid bicycle, there are a few factors which need to be considered. Here they are:

Body posture

You need to consider what kind of body posture the hybrid bike handlebar that you are about to pay for support. Different types of riding require different body posture to enhance the comfort of the rider. If the wind feels too strong for you while riding, you may want to adjust to a lower body position instead of an upright one. However, riding in a lower body position for a long while can be quite exhausting for your back and arms, which is when you will be needing to sit upright to relieve some of the strain. The best choices, therefore, are the hybrid bike handlebars that will support both postures equally well.

Hand positions

A hybrid bike handlebar that supports different hand positions will allow you to switch your hand position more often if you feel uncomfortable riding for too long in a single position.


The two most common choices of materials when it comes to hybrid bike handlebars are carbon and aluminum. Aluminum is the more affordable option out of the two materials and also strong and lightweight at the same time. Carbon, on the other hand, is more expensive than aluminum but makes the hybrid bike handlebars lightweight as compared to aluminum ones.

Brake lever compatibility

Another thing you need to make sure about is if the brake levers on your hybrid bike are compatible with the handlebar that you wish to purchase. Different brake levers and shifters require different widths of hybrid bike handlebars. You need to check if your pick fits with the brake lever, otherwise, it won’t be of any use at all.

How to Install or Replace Bike Handlebars


Now that you know all the essentials regarding these vital components of a hybrid bike, you can choose the best ones for your bike quite easily. Choose a hybrid bike handlebar that supports your riding style and feels comfortable in your hands. Not only will a good hybrid bike handlebar greatly improve your biking experience, but it will also motivate you into biking more often rather than opting for other means of transport. Biking is a healthy, inexpensive and eco-friendly means of commuting and everyone should be using it, at least for smaller distances to avoid the use of fuel-burning cars. .

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