7 Best Hybrid Bikes Grips Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Seemingly unimportant, hybrid bike grips may be overlooked by many riders. However, it is after you start noticing sore hands and experience continuous pain in your palms that you realize, hybrid bike grips are an important consideration after all. Just like all the rest of the components of a hybrid bike, hybrid bike grips are very important in determining the level of comfort that the hybrid bike will offer. Good hybrid bike grips are necessary to rest your hands, especially on long journeys. Even if your hybrid bike did not come with the best hybrid bike grips, it’s never too late to replace them with another pair. We will help you pick the right hybrid bike grips for your bike.

Best Hybrid Bikes Grips in Summary

What and Why are Hybrid Bike Grips important?

Hybrid bike grips are the parts of the handlebar that you hold on to while riding your bike. If there were no grips on your hybrid bicycle, you would simply have been holding onto the metallic end of the handlebar throughout your ride. Not only would it have been extremely uncomfortable and painful for your hands, it could also cause you to lose control of the bike. Comfortable hybrid bike grips are very important to support your hands so that you can achieve the power and speed that you require for riding your bike with efficiency. Furthermore, their ergonomic design will allow you to maintain complete control of the bike so that you may ride safely.

Hybrid Bike Grips Reviews

#1. Weanas New Generation Bike Handlebar Grip

Weanas New Generation Bike Handlebar GripThis one is an ergonomic hybrid bike grip which is among the best selling grips that you will find on Amazon. The non-slip surface of the grip enhances the control of the rider on the bike while the G2 screw lock with the bolt fixed on the top of the grip ensures utmost security for the rider. Additionally, the grip also makes use of a gel insert to allow more comfort for the rider together with an enhanced control.

Furthermore, it uses its triple layer D3 technology so that the rider may feel comfortable when riding over longer journeys. The Tribene material used on the surface protects the grip against UV and makes it much more durable as compared to others in the market. The pair weighs only 0.51 lbs and is available in white and black color options to choose from.

#2. RaceFace Half Nelson Hybrid Bike Grips

RaceFace Half Nelson Hybrid Bike GripsThese are slim, lightweight lock-on grips that you will find at a very affordable price. Being one of the best selling hybrid bike grips available on Amazon, they feature a simple design and a comfortable pattern to rest your hands on. The panel on the grip which has the ‘Race Face’ logo offers a comfortable fingertip grip for the rider. Weighing only 3.2 ounces for the pair, these grips are extremely light in weight and therefore do not add any extra weight to your bike.

Besides being comfortable and lightweight, these hybrid bike grips are also highly functional since they include topographic moisture channels to absorb the moisture from your hands and keep the grips comfortable to ride. With over 9 color options, you have lots of varieties to choose from depending on your style.

#3. Tour de France Ergo Gel Grips

Tour de France Ergo Gel GripsThese are another ergonomic style rubber grips for your hybrid bike which include a gel solution in the design to create a secure grip for the rider. This is a dual compound grip which makes use of two different materials on the inside and outside for maximum performance of the product. Tougher material is used on the inside of the hybrid bike grip for durability and a better attachment with the surface of the handlebar. On the exterior, however, softer rubber is used to feel comfortable in your hands and to do a good job at absorbing the shocks from the road. This hybrid bike grip is available in a black and grey design and measures 125mm length which is quite suitable for all sizes of hands.

#4. Velo Vinyl Leather Hybrid Bike Grips

Velo Vinyl Leather Hybrid Bike GripsThese are the hybrid bike grips you want if you want to give your hybrid bike a classy, retro makeover. Made in Taiwan, these synthetic leather grips come at a very cheap price and feature a very classy design to enhance the aesthetics of your bike. Measuring 127mm in length, these grips are suitable only for single-speed hybrid bikes that come without shifters. Besides the classy look, the grips offer a comfortable grip for the rider with the use of high-density foam in the construction. The grips will fit all the standard ⅞” handlebars and are available in brown and black colors to choose from. End caps are also included in the package so as not to damage the stitching of the grip or the ends of the handlebar.

5. Outerdo Hybrid Bike Handlebar Grips

Outerdo Hybrid Bike Handlebar GripsAvailable in seven different color options, these are not only the cheapest hybrid bike grips on this list but also among the best selling varieties on Amazon. Made with rubber, these hybrid bike grips are 21mm in length and feature an anti-slip, patterned surface to ensure a better control on the bike for the rider. Furthermore, the thicker walls of the grips, 3.5mm wide, ensure a better shock absorption so that the rider enjoys a comfortable ride even on a bumpy surface. While the exterior is soft for a comfortable feel for the rider, the interior is harder to maintain a firm hold on the surface of the handlebar. These are push-on hybrid bike grips and you can install them easily by applying a little water to the rubber.

6. Odi Rogue Lock-On Bicycle Grips

Odi Rogue Lock-On Bicycle GripsMeasuring 130mm in length, these black lock-on hybrid bike grips come with a patterned surface to establish a secure control for the rider. The pattern on the surface includes raised pads which are purposefully designed to absorb shock from the road and allow a comfortable ride for the rider. The complete pair weighs only 105grams which makes it quite lightweight for the comfort of the rider. The package will also include lock jaws for easy lock-on attachment of the grip onto the handlebar and snap caps to secure the ends of the hybrid bike grips.

7. Sunlite MX II Foam Hybrid Bike Grips

Sunlite MX II Foam Hybrid Bike GripsAnother one of the cheapest yet best selling hybrid bike grips your will find for your bike on Amazon is this model by Sunlite. It measures 130mm in length and features an extremely lightweight foam construction to ensure maximum comfort of the rider. The interior is plastic to form a tight fit onto the handlebar while the exterior is softer foam to allow a comfortable grip for the rider. Furthermore, the exterior features an ergonomic design to make it easier to hold. The only downside is that it will tear easily if not used with care.

What to Consider When Choosing Hybrid Bike Grips?

You will be surprised to find the options that you will find in the market simply for hybrid bike grips. To be able to choose the perfect pair for yourself, you need to understand all the factors that are worth considering regarding these components. Here they are:


Hybrid bike grips are available in many different materials which will vary with the price and quality of the grip. Here are the materials that are most commonly used for hybrid bike grips:


Rubber hybrid bike grips are a popular choice because of their lower price point and also because they are lightweight. These varieties will offer a good level of control to the rider no matter what the weather conditions are. They do a good job at absorbing the shocks from the road and preventing it from being transferred to the rider. While maintaining optimal comfort of the rider, these hybrid bike grips made out of rubber are simple to install and just as simple to clean. On the downside, these grips aren’t built to last very long.


Another popular variety that you will find nowadays are gel hybrid bike grips. The gel core in these hybrid bike grips gives them a more comfortable feel in the rider’s hands and also makes them more durable. You will also find these varieties a lot cheaper than many others.


If you would like to add a retro touch to your new hybrid bicycle, leather hybrid bike grips  are the way to go. Although these are the best choices if you prefer style, they are not very popular in terms of comfort and performance. They can be quite heavier as compared to other hybrid bike grips. Also, they are more expensive and do not provide the level of comfort as that of the modern, synthetic grips.


Foam is another popular choice of material for hybrid bike grips. Many bikers prefer foam over rubber for the grips as they are comfortable to hold and light in weight. However, as was the case with rubber grips, they do not last very long and can lose their shape and other properties after regular use and prolonged exposure in the sun.


Traditionally, these varieties used to be made with real cork but nowadays, you will find synthetic varieties of cork hybrid bike grips which are durable and offer a good level of moisture absorption.


Riders usually prefer lightweight hybrid bike grips for their bike so that they do not add to the overall weight of the bike and make it cumbersome for the rider to handle. Different hybrid bike grips will feature different weights depending on the material that they use and their design. Ergonomic designs of hybrid bike grips, although comfortable to hold, can add a significant amount of weight to the product. Foam grips are the lightest varieties of hybrid bike grips that you will find if you are looking for something that keeps the weight to a minimum.


Hybrid bike grips also differ in terms of the patterns that are imprinted on its surface. Some grips are rather smooth while others feature patterns on the surface to offer a better grip to the rider. A smooth grip may also offer the same level of grip with the help of its sticky rubber surface.

Some hybrid bike grips also come in ergonomic designs with patterns to support your fingers and a different pattern on the same surface on the area that will support your palm. These patterns allow a comfortable position where you can rest your hands and ride the bike with complete control and power.


Hybrid bike grips will also differ in their length and width. You need to choose the dimensions that will suit the size of your hands and will feel comfortable in them. Most of the grips will lie between the range of 120mm and 150mm as far as their length is concerned.

Attachment technique

As far as the attachment technique of the hybrid bike grips is concerned, you will find either lock-on or push-on grips in the market. Lock-on varieties are simpler to install and to remove since they come with either a single or double clamp which is tightened with the help of a bolt with the grip on the handlebar. Push-on hybrid bike grips are cheaper and much more simpler varieties which are simply fitted on the handlebars by sliding them on. Although they will form a tightly fitted jacket around the handlebars when new, they can easily lose their properties especially in wet conditions.

Ho to Put On Hybrid Bike Grips


So you see how such an inconspicuous component can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and control associated with riding a bike. The good thing is that even the most high-end varieties of hybrid bike grips come at affordable prices and enhance your riding experience to a great extent. And with the countless varieties that are available online, it shouldn’t be hard to locate the best one. You only need to know what you are looking for.
If you have read the entire guide, you will have understood each and every thing that needs to be looked at when choosing the best hybrid bike grip. Now just put all your knowledge to use and make a great selection.

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