6 Best Hybrid Bike Saddles Reviews 2020

Did you purchase the perfect hybrid bike and paid good money for it but turns out it is not as comfortable as you had expected it to be? It’s most probably the hybrid bike saddle that needs to be upgraded. Your hybrid bike isn’t to be blamed as a hybrid bike saddle that is super comfortable for one cyclist might not be comfortable at all for another.

You need to consider tons of factors, e.g. your body type, your gender, and your riding style before deciding which hybrid bike saddle will work best for you. These hybrid bike saddles are available at highly affordable prices and can be installed easily in place of your old bike saddle.

Why are hybrid bike saddles an important choice?

Hybrid bike saddle is an important part of your hybrid bike for many reasons. It is the point where you sit and it is the hybrid bike saddle that will support most of your weight all through the time that you are sitting on your bike. Besides causing serious discomfort, the wrong hybrid bike saddle can even result in soreness and pain, especially if you take the bike out on a long journey.

Ischial tuberosities are the parts of our body which will carry our weight while our body is in a sitting position. This part is also called ‘sit-bones’. If you are too uncomfortable or experiencing pain while sitting on the hybrid bike saddle, chances are that its size and shape isn’t right for you and you are exerting your weight on soft tissues of your body rather than the ‘sit-bones’. So you see why hybrid bike saddles are just as important as a strong frame or capable tires for your hybrid bike.

Best Hybrid Bike Saddle Reviews

#1. Schwinn Comfort Bike Saddle

Schwinn Quilted Wide Cruiser SaddleIf you are a fan of leisure riding and are looking for a comfortable cruiser saddle for the same, here is one that you will find at a very affordable price. It comes in two color options, black and brown, and is wide enough to allow a comfortable riding position.

The cover is made with vinyl, is water resistant and includes sufficient padding for the rider to enjoy the journey to the fullest. The base of the saddle will also include coil springs on both ends to offer a good level of shock absorption so you may ride through a bumpy road without experiencing any discomfort.

#2. Planet Bike Hybrid Bike Saddle

Planet Bike Hybrid Bike SaddleThis one from Planet Bike is one of the best selling hybrid bike saddles available on Amazon and for good reasons. Besides its attractive price tag, the saddle is designed with an anatomic design and foam padding for casual riding.

The sides are padded for maximum comfort and support where it is needed most while the center is thinner and includes a cutout so that the rider is relieved from any pain or discomfort in the lower part of his body. The lycra cover is weather resistant and abrasion resistant while the steels rails are incredibly durable. You will also be glad to know that the product includes a lifetime warranty with it.

#3. DAWAY Comfortable Hybrid Bicycle Saddle

DAWAY Comfortable Hybrid Bicycle SaddleDaway is known for manufacturing bike saddles that are comfortable and durable, and this hybrid bike saddle is no less. The PVC leather used for the cover is durable, comfortable, appealing and adequately padded with dense memory-foam which will adjust to the shape of the rider over time.

The anatomic design of the saddle relieves pressure on the lower organs of the rider’s body while the dual spring suspension system prevents the shocks from the hurdles on the road from reaching the rider. The hybrid bike saddle also includes water-proof tail lights to help with nighttime riding. The saddle is designed for use by men, women, and kids and includes a 1-year warranty in the package so you may ride without fearing any damage.

#4. Selle SMP TRK Lady Cycling Saddle

Selle SMP TRK Lady Cycling SaddleSelle SMP lives up to its reputation by bringing this popular hybrid bike saddle to the market. The saddle is specially designed for the ladies who regularly ride to work or otherwise. The SVT cover is synthetic and utilizes the patent SMP vacuum technology of the company for enhanced durability.

The saddle features a cutout through its center for anatomic relief for the rider and polyurethane cushioning for enhanced comfort through the entire ride. The shell of the seat is constructed with polyurethane co-polymer which makes it more durable than most other saddles in the market. Furthermore, the raised rear of the saddle also ensures a faster ride while taking care of the rider’s comfort.

5. Aero Sport Hybrid Bike Saddle

Aero Sport Hybrid Bike SaddleThis one is a racing saddle designed specifically for gents with an anatomic cutout through the center to allow the relief of pressure from the lower part. One of the greatest selling points of this saddle is the INOX alloy used in the construction of the rails which makes it much lighter in weight as compared to many other hybrid bike saddles.

Handcrafted in Italy, this hybrid bike saddle uses a gel cover for superior comfort and is purposefully maintained light in weight so that it doesn’t add a lot of extra weight to your hybrid bike. Designed under guidance from Dr. Werlich, sports orthopedic medicine specialist, you can rest assured of the level of comfort and performance offered by this particular saddle.

6. Sunlite Cloud-9 Suspension Cruiser Saddle

Sunlite Cloud-9 Suspension Cruiser SaddleThis cruiser saddle is designed for riders who prefer comfort over speed while riding a bike. This makes the model an ideal choice for casual riding around the city. The saddle features a design that will be compatible with all standard seat posts and includes gel foam which makes it comfortable to ride even for longer journeys.

The saddle also comes with coil springs made of chrome on both ends of the hybrid bike saddle to absorb the shocks that come from the road and leave the rider to enjoy a bump-free, comfortable ride. Furthermore, the saddle is wider than most to allow more support and includes anatomic relief through its center for taking the pressure off the lower part of the rider’s body.

Types of hybrid bike saddles

Hybrid bike saddles come in tons of varieties to suit your riding style, your body type and your gender. You need to take a while to consider which type of bike saddle will suit you best.

Racing saddles

Racing saddles are designed thinner and longer than other hybrid bike saddles to support fast pedaling. These saddles are designed in a way that will allow more of your weight to be concentrated towards the pedals and handlebars rather than the saddle itself. This allows for faster pedaling. Although you will find these saddles thinner than most other saddles, they do include some padding for the comfort of the rider.

Comfort saddles

Comfort saddles are designed wider than racing saddles and will include more padding. They are designed this way to enhance comfort to enable you to ride painlessly for longer journeys. The greater degree of padding will also do a good job at absorbing shocks from the road.

Cruiser saddles

Cruiser saddles are best for leisure riding as they provide a greater degree of cushioning and support on both sides as compared to the previous two varieties. They are designed upright so that much of your weight is exerted on the cushioned saddle rather than the pedals and the handlebar so that you may ride comfortably.

What are gender-specific hybrid bike saddles?

The difference in the anatomy of men and women results in a difference in the kind of hybrid bike saddles that will work best for them. Women usually have wider hips and require a saddle that is wider and provides more support. Men will usually require lesser pelvic support and will prefer narrower and longer saddles, which can provide speed.

However, the situation is not always the same as every human differs from the other in their body type and anatomy, be it a man or a woman. Some men may find wider hybrid bike saddles more comfortable for them if they have larger hips. Some women, on the other hand, may find thinner and longer saddles more suited for their body form rather than wider ones.

Other considerations when choosing a hybrid bike saddle

Now that you have looked at all the various forms of hybrid bike saddles that are available for purchase, there are certain other considerations as well which will have to be kept in mind while making your selection.

Material: The most common materials used for making hybrid bike saddles are:

Lycra: Lycra seats are preferred by many serious riders as they are comfortable to ride on and suitable for use in rainy conditions.

Leather: Although hybrid bike saddles made with leather will be pricier than other varieties, they give a classy, retro touch to your bike. Furthermore, they are comfortable to ride and very durable.

Gel: Quite recently, gel has started being used in the construction of hybrid bike saddles. The saddles made from gel are thinner than the usual saddles which allows you to ride faster. At the same time, they will also include sufficient cushioning for your comfort during the ride.

Shell: The shell is part of the hybrid bike saddle that lies under its cover. It is predominantly responsible for giving the saddle its shape. Different materials can be used to make the shell for example plastic, aluminum or carbon-fiber. Carbon-fiber is usually the most lightweight, durable and pricier material out of the three. Leather saddles will generally include a leather shell. The biggest advantage of a leather shell is that it shapes itself over time to suit the specific rider who has been riding it.

Rails: Rails are the structures that attach the saddle to the rest of the bike. Traditionally, the rails of the saddle used to be made out of steel but the newer varieties of saddles will include rails made out of modern materials such as aluminum, titanium and even carbon-fiber to keep the weight of the bike to a minimum.

Cutouts: The newer varieties of hybrid bike saddles come with cutouts. These hybrid bike saddles are different from the others as they will include a prominent slit in their design which runs all the way through its center. The manufacturers understand the anatomy of humans and have developed this design to protect the lower organs of the body. It also allows room for air and minimizes the contact with the rider’s body in areas where it is not needed. The hybrid bike saddles which come with cutouts are a good option for riders who experience numbness or soreness after long duration of riding.

How to Install or Replace a Bicycle Saddle:


A well-designed hybrid bike saddle can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying a fast yet comfortable ride on your hybrid bike. If your hybrid bike came with a saddle which does not suit you, it’s best that you replace it with a new hybrid bike saddle before your discomfort or pain worsens or results into more serious problems.

Even the priciest of the hybrid bikes aren’t much good if they do not include the perfect hybrid bike saddle to sit on. Choose with care and select the best hybrid bike saddle to install on your bike so that you may enjoy hours of biking without experiencing any discomfort whatsoever.

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